Meridian Energy Savings

Meridian Energy replaces Capital Expenditure with a low monthly fee and maintenance free periods.

Incorporating innovative thinking and energy efficiency design and solutions to a new or retrofit project will eliminate the need for capital cost for the project, resulting in upfront cost savings to the bottom line and immediate savings from day one.

The current cost of energy is high and it is rapidly on the rise. Some applications of energy efficiency solutions have been known to yield 50%+ cost savings. Energy costs are set to rise year on year and an effective energy efficiency strategy forms the foundation to save costs and reduce risk for any facility or business.

Meridian Energy provides a range of long term protection plan warranties across energy efficiency projects; these apply to the plant and equipment and also workmanship. Meridian Energy will maintain the equipment for the life of the contract. That means ZERO maintenance cost for the client over the protection plan warranty.

Current Thinking

Projects are Capital Based
Energy is the Driver
Pay Up Dront

Meridian Energy Thinking

Projects are funded from Operating Expenditure
Maintenance & Energy are the Driver
Save From Day One

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