Meridian Energy Group aims to make the switch to an energy efficient future as seamless as possible, ensuring businesses can implement total solutions using current operating expenditure rather than capital expenditure.

Above and beyond the fact that the facility will significantly reduce its energy consumption costs, this groundbreaking business model will optimize your cash flow by eliminating the initially high project cost of a retrofit.

Meridian energy ensures suitable output requirements for the client project/retrofit. Meridian energy ensures products match the aesthetics of the application. Meridian energy ensures the solution and design meet the clients’ exact requirements.

Energy Saving Via Advanced Rooftop Control Technologies

HVAC units consume 30%-80% of a building’s electricity but provides little or no real-time data about system health or fault detections. ASHRAE also estimates 50-67% of these rooftop units are improperly charged with refrigerant (Freon) or have airflow issues resulting in higher operating costs.

Rooftop Units

  • Out-of-Sight, Out-of-Mind
  • Often Neglected
  • Energy Hogs (30%-80% of total electric bill)
  • Expensive to Maintain
  • Expensive to Repair
  • Very Expensive to Replace with paybacks of +8 years

With Advanced Rooftop Controls, even an older or very basic unit can outperform all but the very most expensive, sophisticated new units on the market……AND gives you critical, real-time information about what’s going inside your unit – while saving an average of 40% to 60% or more per year on energy costs

Financial Benefits of Advanced Rooftop Controls?

  • Cuts A/C Units Annual Electrical Costs by 40% to 60%
  • Reduces Maintenance and Repair Costs Significantly
  • Provides Real-Time Data Analytics on Each Unit
  • Extends Useful Life of All Brands of RTUs
  • Reduces Filter Replacement Costs
  • Provides a more comfortable work environment by reducing summer humidity and winter air drafts

The Advanced Rooftop Controls system takes a standard HVAC Rooftop unit and adds several components, including VFDs (variable Frequency Drives) and advanced controlsthat precisely control the operation in real time (not pre-set controls). With our real time monitoring you see the performance live. We have onboard, integrated M&V standard
on every Advanced Rooftop Controls controller.

We have several different monitoring options to see and analyze the data;

It’s built to give you verifiable, LONG-TERM savings.


Lighting and lighting controls are often the lowest cost and highest return-on-investment measure in any energy efficiency project. Lighting is a key component for most of our energy efficiency upgrade projects and we have developed the lowest cost solutions for our clients with direct-from-manufacturer pricing and turn-key installation services.


  • Comprehensive, investment-grade lighting audit to determine costs, annual energy savings, tax incentives, and utility rebates
  • Industry-proven solutions with only UL and DLC-listed products
  • Minimum 5-year warranty on all products
  • 50,000 hour rated life for most installed lamps and fixtures
  • Average energy reduction of 50%
  • Environmentally responsible recycling and disposal of lamps, ballasts, and fixtures
  • Full-service assistance with utility rebate processing
  • Facilitation and coordination of third-party financing

Meridian Energy Group