Trusted Advisor

Clients that work with Meridian Energy will be familiar with the term “Trusted Advisor“; it’s the way we like to do business that is a significant difference in the Meridian Energy approach.

We value our client relationships, and we are in it for a long-term relationship, not a quick gain.

We understand our client’s needs and place their interests in front of our own. Our directors and staff have a genuine interest in our clients and their business, we want to improve their energy efficiency and deliver real value and positive economic and environmental outcomes.

Our clients understand we are genuinely passionate and enthusiastic about what we do and the way we do business is with ethics and professionalism.

Meridian Energy Group is a leading “Trusted Advisor” to many of the nation’s largest property owners and tenants and equally applies the above characters to any client, no matter large or small.

Meridian Energy Group